Making a Difference

Our shared future requires all of us to support meaningful and measurable actions around sustainability

At Blue Pacific, we work to be part of the solution and not the problem.  As a purpose-led company, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and have been implementing sustainable business initiatives since 2007.  These include:

  • Pursuing a circular economic supply chain
  • Supporting regenerative agriculture
  • Championing water quality and availability
  • Fighting biodiversity loss

Our commitment to a sustainable future takes many forms.  Organic flavor is our flagship portfolio and one of the largest and most established in the industry.  We actively seek partnerships with mission-based suppliers such as Ahiflower Oil® which utilizes regenerative agriculture in its production cycle, and Bella Viva® which has been a Certified Organic Fruit Grower since 2006.   By sourcing “cradle to cradle” ingredients, reducing packaging waste, improving distribution efficiencies, and minimizing freight we are constantly exploring ways to minimize our environmental impact.

We believe our greatest opportunity to make social and environmental change is through our vanilla supply chain.  High demand for the world’s favorite flavor often contributes to predatory buying, labor, and agricultural practices.  This is why we partnered with Natural Extracts International, Ltd (NEI), a producer of ethically and sustainably sourced African vanilla.  Through an innovative educational and economic model that utilizes full traceability, NEI helps local vanilla farmers improve their profits and livelihood.

Sustainability goes beyond living responsibly for the next generation; it’s managing our resources today while planting seeds for the future.  We are proud to partner with customers that share our passion and ethos for a healthier world.

Air Icon Min AIR
As a business operating in the heavy industrial and urban metropolis of Los Angeles County, it’s clear we need to do our part to improve air quality. That is why we offer employees an electric vehicle purchase incentive, provide complimentary electric vehicle charging stations, and have LED lighting installed in our office and plant. We are pursuing our goal to be the first 100% solar and renewable energy-powered flavor company in the US, converting all of those long days of Southern California sunshine into clean, renewable energy every day.
Water Icon WATER
At Blue Pacific, we have a special calling to conserve water (the largest ocean in the world is our namesake). We do our part through the use of low-flow toilets and sinks, 100% recycled water for landscape irrigation, and continuous improvement reviews of our processing water. We donate to Heal the Bay, a local water quality non-profit that educates people about ocean and water conservation. Given California’s historic droughts, our employees believe water should be passionately conserved.
Land Icon LAND
What we harvest from the land is directly related to how we tend to it. When we pioneered organic food flavor in 2000, we wanted to align with farmers and processors who shared our values and mission around environmental and sustainable business practices. Our partners demonstrate their commitment to the land through regenerative agriculture, upcyling of cosmetically imperfect fruit, and organic farming practices. These practices pay off on the palate, enabling us to offer the best-tasting, most trusted organic and natural food flavors in the industry.

Sustainability is a practice, not a pledge

What Blue Pacific and its employees are doing today to make a difference

Earth Day Beach Cleanup

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On April 22nd Blue Pacific picked up trash on Santa Monica Beach as part of the Heal the Bay Adopt-A-Beach Program.  What a beautiful day spent with friends supporting a great cause.  Want to help keep our coastlines clean?   Join Blue Pacific on our next beach clean-up!

Food Bank Volunteer Day

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Hunger is a real concern in our community.  On November 18th we volunteered at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help pack pantry boxes for people struggling with food insecurity.  You can help too! Join Blue Pacific on our next volunteer day, or donate directly to the food bank.

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Try this refreshing juniper and citrus gin flavor in your next nonalcoholic beverage application.  It makes a great alcohol-free Gin & Tonic, Gimlet, or Tom Collins!

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With warm notes of agave, hardwood, and wildflower honey, our natural tequila flavor can be used in applications where gold or reposado tequila is required.  It’s the perfect flavor for a nonalcoholic Margarita, Paloma, Tequila Sunrise, or Mexican Mule.

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With notes of rich caramel, dried fruit, and brown spice, our natural spiced rum flavor captures the best of Barbados.  The perfect choice for creating a nonalcoholic Mai Tai, Daquiri, Hurricane, or Mojito – or managing the freeze point for Rum Raisin ice cream.

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Our natural vermouth flavor is bursting with layered cherry and wine flavor.  Pair it with our natural Bourbon flavor to craft the ultimate nonalcoholic Manhattan cocktail, or our natural gin flavor to make an alcohol-free Negroni.

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Our natural rosé flavor helps consumers drink pink, without the alcohol!  With notes of ripe strawberry and wine, it’s a sophisticated choice for the best beverage, confectionary, frozen dessert, and sweet sauce applications.

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Dry and crisp with just the right balance of fruit and toast, our natural champagne flavor adds sparkle to a variety of applications.  Try it in everything from nonalcoholic Mimosas to gummy candies and sweet tea – even cakes and ice cream!

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Bold and smoky with notes of molasses and vanilla, our natural bourbon whiskey flavor takes you deep into the mountains of Tennessee.  Don’t make a nonalcoholic Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Mint Julep without it!

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With just the right balance of caramel malt and hop notes, our natural beer flavor captures the essence of the classic pale ale.  Whether used in a nonalcoholic beverage or specialty cheese dip, beer flavor is sure to deliver!

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