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Rhinos & Kilimanjaro Vanilla

Wildlife conservation is a major part of the Kilimanjaro Vanilla™ story. Blue Pacific Flavors is committed to donating 3% of net sales of Kilimanjaro Vanilla™ to African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). With your purchase of this product, together we can support AWF’s mission to ensure the continent’s wildlife and wild lands thrive in a modern Africa.

Rhinos are not the classic poster child for vanilla extract.  But for the people who grow and craft Kilimanjaro Vanilla™, the rhinoceros is an irreplaceable part of Tanzanian ecology and culture.

There are two types of African rhinoceros: the white rhino and the black rhino. These prehistoric looking mammals with their massive horns may look like aggressive predators, but they are actually herbivores. Unfortunately, the horns that they use to protect themselves have made rhinos a target for poachers, who illegally sell their horns for use as ornaments and in traditional medicine. In just 60 years, the black rhino population has dropped by 97.6%! AWF plays a crucial role in preventing poaching, protecting habitats, and creating sustainable livelihood sources for local communities – ensuring rhinos remain in Africa for generations to come. 

You can learn more about rhinos and how AWF is monitoring the health and safety of this endangered animal on their rhinocerus conservation page.

To learn more about Kilimanjaro Vanilla™ and how your products can tell a sustainable vanilla story, watch our Vanilla Discovery Video and Vanilla Digital Traceability System Video.

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White rhinos slaking their thirst at a watering hole.

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