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Blue Pacific Flavors has a new website!

In early 2020, Blue Pacific embarked on a special project. 

When Covid-19 hit and our lives were disrupted, this project kept us focused – and hopeful.  It provided a positive opportunity to evaluate our brand and refine our business mission during uncertain times.  Working on this project was inspiring, transformative, therapeutic, and best of all – FUN!

Today we are excited to announce the culmination of that project: Our new website!

Screen Shot 2020 09 01 At 1.45.22 Pm has a fresh look and feel, starting with an immersive home page experience and continuing on through an interactive World of Flavor and webpages highlighting our Organic Flavor portfolio, Product Development services, and Sustainability vision. 

When you tour our website, you’ll discover many new things about our company while recognizing our familiar Farm to FlavorTM products and vintage art style.  Our goal was to translate the Blue Pacific story into compelling visuals and words that reflected not just the natural origin of our product offerings, but our artistic approach to flavor creation too.  The stunning custom imagery (some of it created by Blue Pacific employee artists!) combined with unique interactive elements make the website a seamless and immersive experience. 

“We wanted to be a multisensory, authentic experience – just like our flavors.”

Jessica Morton

“We wanted to be a multisensory, authentic experience – just like our flavors,” notes Jessica Morton, Sensory & Consumer Insights Manager and project lead for the website redesign.  “Developing the structure and content for the website was truly a collaborative process, both internally and externally with our many creative contractors.  We can honestly say that everyone at Blue Pacific had a hand in bringing this project to fruition!”


Of all the website elements, perhaps the most time-intensive and personal is the homepage video, “The Art of Flavor.”  This cinematic journey through the world of flavor tells the story and philosophy of the Blue Pacific brand…poetically, authentically, and artistically.  It features our own President and CEO, Donald Wilkes, painting fresh oranges that come to life through the magic of rotoscope filmmaking technique.  Donald painted sixteen individual canvases – roughly 125 hours of work! – to create the artistic effect. 

“It was definitely a massive undertaking!”

Donald Wilkes

“It was definitely a massive undertaking,” laughs Donald.   “But I didn’t want anyone to say I didn’t do the paintings myself!”  It just further demonstrates our commitment to keeping true to our word – and staying Authentic to NatureTM, no matter how much time or effort it takes.  Read more about “The Art Behind The Art of Flavor” here.

Even with the new bells and whistles, some things never change.  We still encourage you to Request A Sample of our certified organic and natural flavors, and we still welcome you to explore our portfolio of unique Ingredient Solutions – including several innovative, exclusive immune support products. 

But now, you can also learn more about the dedicated People of Blue Pacific and the Partners we rely on to help us offer sustainable, ethically sourced flavors and ingredients.  We even share a bit about our Heritage (have you ever wondered how we got our name?).  Finally, there’s our Knowledge section, where you can find Industry News and exclusive updates on flavor trends, consumer insights, and Blue Pacific community in our Blog and Videos. 


It took more than a few people to bring our website to life. We’d like to thank the following Blue Pacific employees who are proudly featured in photo and video:

  • Roya Sayyah
  • Jovanie Gonzalez
  • William Chiu
  • Robert Ramirez
  • Daniel Beltran
  • Juan Martinez
  • Lishuang Zheng
  • Alex Delgado
  • Arturo Pineda
  • Jessica Morton

Welcome to our new virtual home,!

We added a few rooms and did some remodeling to and hope you enjoy the experience.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube to stay up-to-date on the latest flavor trends and consumer insights.

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