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Natural Blueberry Flavor | Trends & Innovation

What’s small, blue, sweet, and tastes like summer sunshine with each juicy bite?  If you’re thinking blueberry, you’re right!  Natural blueberry flavor can be found in a wide variety of food and beverage products.  Not only is the taste of blueberry delightful on its own, but it pairs well with other natural flavors, too.  Read on to learn all about blueberry flavor and discover innovative ways of using it in both sweet and savory applications.

little girl with daisies in her hair and a bowl of fresh-picked blueberries
Tiny but mighty! Blueberry flavor can be sweet and subtle or pack a tart berry punch.

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What does blueberry flavor taste like?

There are several popular blueberry varieties, each with a slightly different flavor profile.  Maine blueberries have an intense tartness while cultivated highbush berries tend to be sweeter with notes of citrusy acidity; lowbush berries have a slightly floral aroma while rabbiteye berries exhibit earthy tones combined with mild sweetness.  Each type adds its unique character when used in food and beverage applications, making it easy for formulators to pick the perfect varietal depending on desired outcome. 

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Blue Pacific’s natural blueberry flavor is available in many varieties, too!  From candy-sweet blueberry with hints of lavender, to fresh and seedy or cooked and jammy profiles, we have a blueberry flavor for every application.  We even have multiple styles of organic blueberry flavor!  Because of the many different flavor profiles that can be achieved when working with blueberries, our flavor experts take extra care to fully understand the target profile for the finished product. 

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pregnant woman eating blueberry pancakes
Blueberries offer countless health benefits, which helps consumers feel good about organic blueberry flavor, too.

Natural blueberry flavor for food and beverages

Speaking of finished product, what are the many ways blueberry flavor can be used?  In addition to the classic sweet applications of jams, smoothies, pancakes, and yogurts, blueberry flavor also shines in savory applications.  It can also be used in sauces and marinades for a burst of sweet-tart flavor in pork, beef, chicken, and even some seafood dishes.  Blueberry works well as a flavoring for both creamy and bleu cheeses, helping to cut through the richness of the butterfat while contrasting nicely with unique fermentation notes.  Organic blueberry flavor can be added to salad dressings, too – it blends especially well with the port wine and molasses flavors of balsamic vinegar.

The natural sweetness of blueberries can be used to balance out bitter flavor profiles while adding a unique complexity that is sure to delight the taste buds.  Natural blueberry flavoring is becoming increasingly popular in beverages like cold brewed coffee, craft beer, and kombucha. From smoothies and cocktails to juices and teas, blueberry flavor offers an endless array of possibilities for creative mixology.

blueberry lemonade, natural beverage flavors
Blueberry flavored lemonade is a refreshing take on a classic beverage.

What pairs well with blueberry?

Our talented team is always dreaming up innovative uses for natural flavor!  Here are a few unique flavor pairings we think would work great for blueberry:

Fruity blueberry pairings

  • Mango Blueberry: A classic pairing of sweet and tart, mango blueberry is a delicious combination for smoothies, sauces, ice cream, or sorbets. The subtle hint of tropical sweetness from the mango pairs perfectly with the slight acidity of blueberries.
  • Lemon Ginger Blueberry: This juicy twist on traditional lemon ginger flavor adds an extra layer of complexity that will tantalize your taste buds!  The bright citrus contrasts perfectly with the mild earthiness from ginger, while the blueberry adds dark berry and floral notes.  This would make an exceptional black tea or plant milk flavor.
  • Coconut Lime Blueberry: Sweet coconut and tart lime are already a match made in tropical fruit heaven; adding blueberry flavor simply makes it better!  Coconut adds creamy and subtle nutty notes, providing an ideal palate upon which bright zesty lime and juicy sweet blueberry can work its magic.
blueberry mango juice
Blueberry and mango create a trendy beverage flavor – one part berry, one part tropical, and totally unique!

Botanical blueberry pairings

  • Cucumber Blueberry: A refreshing and unique flavor combination; cucumber combines with blueberries to make a cool summer treat perfect in salads or summer drinks. Citrusy and fresh green notes from cucumber helps to bring out the natural sweetness and fragrant floral notes in fresh blueberries.
  • Rosemary Blueberry: The piney green and gentle earthy notes of rosemary work well alongside a sweet and ripe blueberry flavor.  Their combined flavor complexity and refreshing qualities would fit exceptionally well in both alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails.
  • Saffron Blueberry: Saffron flavor offers a warm yet delicate sweetness that goes surprisingly well with tart wild blueberry flavor.  Enjoy the distinct depth provided by this exotic pairing in savory sauces, herbal teas, and sweet pastries.
cucumber and blueberry drink, blueberry cucumber flavor
Fruity and fresh! The combination of blueberry and cucumber is as cool as…you know.

Spicy blueberry pairings

  • Cardamom Blueberry: The smoky sweetness of cardamom pairs wonderfully with the tartness of fresh blueberry flavor.  Try this combo in cakes, cobblers or any baked good that would benefit from an extra layer of sophisticated flavor.
  • Star Anise Blueberry: This unexpected pairing creates a sweet and fragrant flavor profile that is perfect for ice creams, syrups, or sauces.  Subtle licorice notes from star anise provide warmth to brighten up fresh berry flavors.
Adobestock 196336810
Star anise and blueberry add an innovative twist to the traditional tiramisu.

Indulgent blueberry pairings

  • White Chocolate Chipotle Blueberry: The creamy richness of sweet white chocolate perfectly balances the smoky heat of chipotle pepper powder, creating an interesting fusion of European and Southwestern flavors.  Blueberry flavor adds delicious complexity with juicy fruit and sweet floral notes.  Use this combo in bakery and confectionary applications for instant sizzle!
  • Caramel Sea Salt Blueberry: Salty and buttery caramel enhances the sweetness of jammy blueberry flavor while also highlighting its dark berry notes.  When drizzled over a canvas of fresh cheesecake, the flavors are nothing short of explosive.
Blueberry Ice Cream with white chocolate
Blueberry popsicles with white chocolate turns an ice cream treat into a dreamy indulgence.

Try natural blueberry flavor

Looking for natural and organic blueberry flavor?  Request a sample today and start using blueberry flavor in your products! 

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