Growing Through Covid
One year ago, it felt like pandemic fear, isolation, and grief would break us all. Finding hope and positively adjusting to change in the face of daily uncertainty was daunting. In this short v[...]
Earth Day is Every Day
Earth Day reminds us how lucky we are to have the Pacific Ocean in our backyard, and how important its health is to our local and global environment. That's why Blue Pacific is passionate about [...]
Our Vision for Sustainability
Sustainability goes beyond living responsibly for the next generation; it’s managing our resources today while planting seeds for the future. In this short video Blue Pacific founder and CEO, Don[...]
Kilimanjaro Vanilla Digital Traceability System
The Kilimanjaro Vanilla Digital Traceability System enables us to consistently offer sustainably sourced, premium quality vanilla while building local value in African vanilla farming communities[...]
Discover Kilimanjaro Vanilla
Introducing Kilimanjaro Vanilla: a sustainably sourced, premium flavor experience! Flavor pioneers Blue Pacific Flavors and Natural Extracts Industries (NEI) partnered to bring Kilimanjaro Van[...]
Farm to Flavor Episode 1: APPLES!
From Macintosh to Honeycrisp, what makes APPLE flavors so unique? Follow Blue Pacific on a farm to flavor journey as we share the history, science, and sensory behind one of North America's favo[...]
APPLICATIONS SHOWCASE – Immune Support Beverages
Watch our Applications Showcase for a taste of three beneficial beverage concepts! - Blue Spirulina Oatmilk with Ahiflower® Omega Oil - Apricot & Plum Black Tea with Immudyne NutritionalTM Ye[...]
Blue Pacific China Video
Donald Wilkes, Founder CEO of Blue Pacific explores China for authentic flavors and tours the China facility.
Discover how heirloom fruits inspire our flavor creation! Follow Donald Wilkes, President and CEO as he tours the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and talks with the California farmers who grow thes[...]
Blue Pacific Flavors Flavor Creation & Culinary Innovation Center
Take a tour of our state-of-the-art Flavor Creation and Culinary Innovation Center, located at the Blue Pacific Flavors headquarters in Los Angeles.
Wintery Farm Ahiflower Grower
Join Ahiflower® as they visit Simon Parrish of Wintry Park Farms in this true Farm to Flavor story! Blue Pacific Flavors is proud to partner with Ahiflower® to bring this sustainably sourced, mu[...]
Our Core Values
Meet six members of Blue Pacific's employee family! Hear them share, in their own words, the stories behind their favorite core values and get a glimpse of what it's like to work at Blue Pacific.
The Art of Flavor
Join Blue Pacific Flavors on an authentic journey through farmland, family gatherings, and memorable moments as we share the art behind how we authentically bring organic and natural flavors to life.