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Blue Pacific Flavors has a new website! has a fresh look and feel! Announcing the launch of our new website, and your virtual home for certified organic and natural food and beverage flavors.

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Pumpkin Pie Mocha Latte with Immune Support

Blue Pacific’s Beverage Innovation Team added our natural Pumpkin Pie flavor to the popular Mocha Latte formula, and then infused it with our exclusive immune support ingredient to create a beverage that checks all the boxes for consumer preference.

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Opportunity Forecast for Organic and Functional Wellness Beverages

Explore the 5 key trends Blue Pacific Flavors is closely following in the US beverage market for 2020-2021

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Leslie’s “Chiles en Nogada”

In September we join our Regulatory Compliance Associate, Leslie Cazarez, as she celebrates the Mexican Independence holiday with this delicious recipe.

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Pandemic 2020: Reflections of Gratitude

Blue Pacific Flavors continues to operate strongly and continuously, driven by the integrity of our employees and fueled by the support of our customers.

Art Of Flavor
The Art Behind “The Art of Flavor”

The artist’s palette is very much a metaphor for the flavor sensory palate. Flavor can be very personal, very artistic, and larger than life. It has its own story.

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Why I Protect the Pacific

Being part of change – change for good! – inspires me to take both a personal and community approach to protecting the Pacific.

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The Essence of a Name

The melody and lyrics of the song “Blue Pacific” perfectly expressed my aspirations for a company with an expansive horizon and limitless creative opportunities. I knew then that we had our name: Blue Pacific Flavors.