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From the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro comes a truly majestic vanilla.  As smooth as the sun setting on the Serengeti and as rich as the lush rainforests of Tanzania, this rare African vanilla tastes of tradition…and time.  

The exquisite complexity of sweet botanical resins layered over exotic hardwood and earthy nuances can only be borne of patience.  Patience in…Vanilla cultivar selection. Vanilla flower hand pollination.  Vanilla bean harvesting and curing. This unrushed, handcrafted approach yields a premium vanilla flavor unlike any in the world today.  Kilimanjaro VanillaTM is what the world’s finest vanilla tastes like.

Kilimanjaro VanillaTM achieves this exceptional quality through a true Farm to Flavor® approach.  By operating a social enterprise that educates Tanzanian farmers on vanilla agriculture, champions fair trade wages, and provides full traceability, our partner Natural Extracts Industries Ltd (NEI) empowers local communities towards sustainable success. Increased financial security ensures farmers won’t take common shortcuts to accelerate their vanilla crops to market – which ensures that Kilimanjaro VanillaTM retains its unrivaled flavor and quality.

A visionary partnership forged by lifelong flavor pioneers

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Sustainable & Traceable Vanilla
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Conservation is a major part of the Kilimanjaro VanillaTM story. Blue Pacific Flavors is committed to donating 3% of net sales of Kilimanjaro Vanilla™ to African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). With your purchase of this product, together we can support AWF’s mission to ensure the continent’s wildlife and wild lands thrive in a modern Africa.  Donate to AWF directly.

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  • Complex sweet and exotic aromatics
  • Pleasantly smooth and rich flavor
  • Luxuriously long finish
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  • Farmer education
  • Community empowerment
  • Female leadership focus
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  • Handcrafted in Africa
  • Extracted in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Traceable to the farmers
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  • Protecting vanilla quality
  • Encouraging farm biodiversity
  • Preserving prime farmland/agroforestry
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  • Protecting endangered wildlife
  • Mitigating human-wildlife conflict

Blue Pacific is a proud member of the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative (SVI). A voluntary organization of vanilla companies, SVI is dedicated to the long-term stable supply of high-quality, natural vanilla, produced in a way that is socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable. Learn more

Vanilla is the most popular flavor in the world! Yet this popularity has come at a price. Over the past 30 years a variety of factors have dramatically decreased the quality of vanilla beans and pure vanilla extracts.

Through Kilimanjaro VanillaTM, Blue Pacific and NEI share a common goal of reintroducing premium natural vanilla to the world while supporting a sustainable future for the people and wildlife of Tanzania.


Before a vanilla pod can form, the vanilla orchid must be carefully hand pollinated – a time intensive and delicate process

Farmers closely monitor the quality of their vanilla crop throughout the growing season, harvesting only when pods reach peak maturity

Vanilla pods are cured into vanilla beans at our processing facility in Kilimanjaro, enabling us to closely monitor quality from Farm to Flavor®

The final stage is extraction, where our vanilla experts blend technology, art, and local tradition to express the exquisite flavor of Kilimanjaro VanillaTM

Discover the premium, pure vanilla flavor that Kilimanjaro VanillaTM delivers to food and beverage products.