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Flavor impact – instantly

Exclusive encapsulated flavor technology and extended shelf life powders that deliver exceptional performance in both wet and dry applications. 


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When you need superior flavor and functionality, you need Blue Pacific FlavorCELL®!  Powered by McCormick’s proprietary encapsulation technology, FlavorCELL® offers:

  • Enhanced flavor IMPACT
  • Extended shelf life
  • Controlled flavor release
  • Outstanding temperature stability
  • Excellence across applications
  • Sustainable solution for carbon footprint reduction

Blue Pacific FlavorCELL® is available in a wide range of popular fruit and dairy flavors.


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Consumers demand portable convenience with powerful flavor.  The answer?  Powdered flavor that performs flawlessly and consistently.  We have many powders to choose from with solubility profiles to meet the needs of any application.  From juicy citrus to refreshing raspberry, and rich vanilla to creamy chocolate, we have a portfolio of natural and organic powdered flavors for every product.

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