We will never compromise on Quality

Our compliance program guides us in making consistently great flavor with conscience and integrity, while supporting a positive workplace and sustainable environment for all.

Blue Pacific Flavors is committed to regulatory compliance and is a member of FEMA and IOFI. The global regulatory team is always current with the latest changes in regulations worldwide.
  • FDA / USDA / NOP Regulations
  • EU Regulations
  • Chinese & Asian Regulations
  • IOFI / Codex Alimentarius / JECFA
  • Product Certifications: Organic, Non GMO, Kosher, Halal
  • Supplier / Raw Material Approval
Quality Control
Quality is a key element of Blue Pacific’s systems and products. The global Quality Control team is passionate in ensuring the highest standards of quality for our customers.
  • Testing / Verification
  • Supplier / Raw Material Approval
  • Standardization
Quality Assurance
Our products meet the highest food safety standards. Prevention is key for our Quality Assurance teams in US and China. Robust systems and protocols ensure consistent compliance and flawless third party recertifications.
  • ISO 22000 / FISMA / HARPC
  • GMP, Allergens / Organic Handling
  • Programs / SOP / WP
  • Verification / Auditing / Prevention
Product Safety
We are advocates for workplace and product safety. Compliance with OSHA and GHS regulations is mandatory and monitored daily for the security of both employees and customers.
  • SDS / OSHA
  • Workplace Safety
Blue Pacific is committed to socially conscious and environmentally supportive policies. Third party certification by B-CORP and SEDEX ensures we have reportable and repeatable measures of our success.
  • Governance
  • Community
  • Customer
  • Environment
  • Employees