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Born On the Beach: 29 Years of California Flavor!

Celebrating our birthplace

In the spring of 1993, Blue Pacific Flavors took root in our founder’s Santa Monica condo with one main purpose: to make great natural flavors inspired by the beauty and abundance of California. 

Twenty-nine years later, Blue Pacific has grown into a global flavor house with production and sales operations in the United States, Asia, and Africa.  Our headquarters are still located in southern California (we’ve since traded the condo for a much larger state-of-the-art facility), and our vision for flavor is still shaped by California’s farming heritage, rich cultural diversity, and legendary beauty.

In celebration of our 29th anniversary, we’d like to share some fun facts and photos about our birthplace: Santa Monica, California!

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All roads lead to Santa Monica

 Santa Monica is where two of America’s most iconic roadways – Route 66 and Highway 1 – and one of the most beautiful stretches of southern California coastline intersect.  Due west of Los Angeles and just south of Malibu, Santa Monica is a popular weekend destination for the sprawling LA metropolis.  Lined with stately palm trees, bathed in year-round sunshine, and graced by one of the widest swaths of warm sand, the beachfront of Santa Monica offers locals and travelers a quintessential SoCal experience.

A fun place to “grow up”

Route 66 technically ends where sand meets surf – on the Santa Monica Pier.  This iconic structure has been a landmark of the Santa Monica coastline since 1909, appearing in art, film, music, and even on the Blue Pacific Flavors logo.  The waters surrounding the pier are popular with surfers and sunbathers, and the sand is dotted with the region’s classic aqua blue lifeguard towers. 


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Our team helps keep the beach surrounding the pier clean by participating in beach clean-ups with Heal the Bay, a local environmental nonprofit that is dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds in Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy, and clean.  We feel it’s only natural to protect our namesake by helping keep trash out of the Pacific.

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Inspired by nature

 Santa Monica has one of the best farmers markets in the country!  Spanning four city blocks and filled with vendors selling the freshest and most unique produce, the Santa Monica Farmers Market is THE place to go to experience California flavor.  Blue Pacific’s Farm to Flavor approach to innovation is inspired by the incredible selection of heirloom fruits and vegetables, sustainably sourced meat, artisan bread, and handcrafted food and beverages offered at this weekly market.  We often go here to get ideas for trending flavors and ingredients.

Celebrate Santa Monica!

We hope this short introduction to our birthplace inspires you to come visit.  From the pier to Palisades Park, and the farmers market to the vibrant restaurant scene, Santa Monica is a place that continues to feed Blue Pacific’s passion for flavor – for 29 years, and counting!

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Birthday Wish

In lieu of birthday gifts, please consider donating to our favorite Santa Monica non-profit, Heal the Bay.

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We are now accepting visitors to our Los Angeles facility for meetings and product development collaborations. Contact us today to schedule time with the team.  We’d love to show you around sunny Southern California!

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