Flavor R&D

We bring flavor to life

From farm fresh fruit to finished product, we blend artistic talent with technical expertise to create authentic natural and organic food flavors


Flavor Rd Creation

Our talented flavorists truly understand nature.  Through a combination of science and artistry they create authentic expressions of fruit from the finest natural and organic raw materials.  Deep knowledge and an appreciation for heirloom varieties enable our flavorists to design iconic flavors that taste fresh, wholesome, and indistinguishable from the fruit or botanical that inspired them.  Real fruit essences and organic extracts add nuance and authenticity to their creations.


Flavor Rd Application

Successful application of flavor is an art and a service we are proud to offer our customers.  Our team of flavorists, food scientists, and sensory experts work with you to optimize the correct flavor type, dosage, and profile for your product.  Whether you’re developing a wine seltzer, plant-based beverage, or nutritional bar (or any product in between!) we have the expertise to quickly customize flavor formulations to suit your needs.

Sensory & Consumer Insights

Flavor Rd Sensory

To stay ahead of the curve, we rely on the freshest consumer insights and artificial intelligence to guide our flavor creation and application projects.  We’re also sensory experts: from incoming raw materials to final blend, no flavor leaves our facility without careful and routine sensory analysis.  Our team follows Good Sensory Practices and receives regular training to build experience and ensure alignment.  From insight to innovation, our natural and organic flavors don’t just follow trends…they make them.

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Blending art and technology

Take a tour of our state-of-the-art Flavor Creation and Culinary Innovation Center, located at the Blue Pacific Flavors headquarters in Los Angeles.