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How African vanilla supports the African Wildlife Foundation

The connection between lions and vanilla may seem like a stretch at first.  But for the people who grow and craft Kilimanjaro Vanilla, lions are an icon of the Tanzanian culture and landscape. We wanted our African vanilla to play a role in sustaining not just the Tanzanian economy, but the futures of African wildlife as well.

Kilimanjaro Vanilla’s partnership with the AWF

Our Kilimanjaro Vanilla is grown, processed, and extracted in Tanzania. Here, the African wildlife is becoming increasingly threatened by poaching and loss of habitat. That’s why we decided to make wildlife conservation a major part of the Kilimanjaro Vanilla story. Blue Pacific Flavors is committed to donating 3% of net sales of Kilimanjaro Vanilla to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). With your purchase of this product, together we can support AWF’s mission to ensure the continent’s wildlife and wild lands thrive in a modern Africa.

Kilimanjaro Vanilla Lion, African vanilla
Kilimanjaro Vanilla has partnered with the AWF to protect African animals. You can too when you use it in your food and beverage products.

Learn more about African lions

Lions are one of the largest (and definitely the most social) of big cat species. Instead of living in isolation, these felines band together into prides of 15-20, helping each other to hunt and raise their young. Both male and female lions roar, a powerful sound that travels for miles. Human encroachment is increasingly creating conflict with lions. These animals are sometimes killed as humans struggle to protect their villages and livestock. AWF plays a crucial role in supporting a balanced human-lion coexistence – ensuring lions remain icons of Africa for generations to come. 

You can learn more about African lions and how AWF is monitoring lion health and safety on their lion conservation page.

female lions and cubs playing in Tanzania

African vanilla is making a difference

When you use our African vanilla in your food and beverage products, you join AWF’s mission to save the African lion. To learn more about Kilimanjaro Vanilla and how your products can tell a sustainable vanilla story, watch our Vanilla Discovery Video and Vanilla Digital Traceability System Video.

What does African vanilla taste like?

Our Kilimanjaro Vanilla offers premium vanilla flavor and a significantly higher natural vanillin content. The unique terroir of the Tanzanian region creates elegance and sophistication in the flavor profile. Robust notes of dried fruit, tobacco, chocolate, and rum provide exquisite complexity. Experience it for yourself when you request a sample.

Kilimanjaro Vanilla Flavor Profile, African vanilla
Kilimanjaro Vanilla offers a complex vanilla flavor profile.
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