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Our Strategic Partnerships

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We have always believed that organic and natural flavors must utilize sustainably sourced, farm fresh ingredients whenever possible for true farm to flavor authenticity.  That’s why we consistently build relationships with local and global farmers whose ingredient quality and labor practices we trust.  Through these strategic partnerships, Blue Pacific gains exclusive access to a wide range of fruit, plant, nuts, and grains for use in our creative whole food flavors and ingredients.

Our partnerships are vital to creating fully traceable and sustainable organic flavors and natural ingredients.  Through a commitment to clean labelling and supply chain transparency, we differentiate our flavors – and your products – with compelling stories that invite consumers to connect with your brand in more honest and authentic ways.

We proudly collaborate with these key partners

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Partners with purpose

Ahiflower Seed Oil is the most diverse source of plant-based omegas – better than flax, and not from fish! By providing an alternative to marine oils and giving back to the land through regenerative agriculture, Ahiflower practices its sustainability mission everyday. We share these values, too – and that’s why we’re partners.