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30 Great Flavors: A Blog Series Review!

Blue Pacific Flavors has been a leader in crafting iconic taste experiences since 1993. In honor of our 30th anniversary, we published a blog series that explores the history, application, and innovation behind 30 of our favorite food and beverage flavors. 

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In case you missed it, we’re offering this CliffsNotes® version of the “Great Flavors – And How to Use Them!” series, with tasty tidbits of Blue Pacific history and links to all 30 mouthwatering blogs. Are you ready to infuse your next product with trending flavors and innovative ingredients? Read one (or all) of the Great Flavors blogs and kickstart your creativity today!

Passion for Flavor

Blue Pacific Flavors creates iconic and mission-driven flavor experiences. Whether it’s crafting natural flavors that turn a beverage into a refreshing work of art or supporting organic farming and ethical trade practices through responsible sourcing, we are passionate about the human experience. From the beginning, our heritage has carved a path in the food and beverage industry with a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Our mission and values reflect our dedication to flavor solutions that are good for both people and planet.

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President and CEO, Donald Wilkes, literally grew up in the flavor industry! At 12-years-old he took his very first job at his father’s flavor company, Globe Extracts. David Wilkes taught his son the flavor trade from the ground up, instilling in him a commitment to integrity and quality that guides Blue Pacific to this day. Donald pulled flavor jugs for production before advancing to compounder, eventually taking the role of regional salesman.  He often jokes, “if you cut me, I’ll bleed flavor” which is probably not far from the truth!

In 1993 Donald started his own company, Blue Pacific Flavors, from his Santa Monica home and has been growing it with mindfulness and passion ever since. We owe our success to a team of talented and diverse employees that bring years of flavor, food, beverage, and wellness industry experience to their jobs. Blue Pacific employees have created or collaborated on some of the most iconic flavors and brands in the world.  A walk down any grocery store aisle is literally a walk down memory lane – or a hall of fame! 

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30 Great Flavors

What’s your favorite flavor? Here’s a taste of what each flavor brings to the table, and don’t forget to click the links for a deep dive into each aromatic story.

Our Top 30 Flavors Blog Series

Delve into our flavorful archives where we amplify your taste experience with each read. Here’s our curated list of blog entries, each brimming with insightful content specially tailored for industry professionals like you.

  1. Banana – Don’t be fooled by its pedestrian “a-peel”: banana is a powerhouse fruit universally appreciated for its subtle, sweet, and highly approachable qualities. Banana flavor blends well with just about everything!
  2. Dragon Fruit – Are you looking for a trending fruit flavor with serious staying power?  Dragon fruit is quickly becoming one of the hottest fruit flavors!  Learn how to use this tropical fruit in your food and beverage applications.
  3. Cherry – Cherry flavor is used in many food and beverage products, from candies to ice creams and cocktails to sodas. What makes cherry flavor so great? And which other flavors pair well with cherry?
  4. Passion Fruit – Consumers are passionate about passion fruit! Learn what makes passion fruit flavor so special and discover innovative ways for incorporating it into food and beverage products.
  5. Pistachio – Pistachio flavor has become increasingly popular, showing up in café lattes, energy bars, vegan cheeses, and plant milks.  What makes pistachio flavor so special and how can you use it in food and beverage products?
  6. Tiramisu – Tiramisu flavor is finding its way into food and beverage products, offering an indulgent taste experience with every bite or sip! Here are some innovative ideas for using tiramisu flavor in your own creations.
  7. Mango – Make the most of mango! Natural mango flavor can be used in a variety of innovative ways to create unique food and beverage products. Learn more about this tropical fruit trend.
  8. Cookies & Cream – Cookies and cream is one of the most popular ice cream flavors in the world! What’s the history behind this classic flavor, and what food and beverage products is it trending in today?
  9. Churro – Churro is a trending flavor that is equal parts familiar comfort food and exotic indulgence. What is a churro, where did it come from, and how can you use churro flavor in your food and beverage applications?
  10. Blueberry – What’s small, blue, sweet, and tastes like summer sunshine with each juicy bite? Read on to learn all about natural blueberry flavor and discover innovative ways of using it in both sweet and savory applications.
  11. Apricot – Embrace the sun-kissed sweetness of apricots Natural apricot flavor adds an enticing zest to both sweet and savory applications, making it a versatile tool for creating innovative food and beverage products.
  12. Kiwi – Bursting with a unique blend of tropical sweetness and zesty acidity, kiwi lends a refreshing twist to both sweet and savory creations. Read on as we explore the delightful world of kiwi flavor.
  13. Coconut – Coconut offers a versatile spectrum of taste profiles. Not only does it lend a refreshing, tropical twist to a range of products, but it also aligns perfectly with the growing consumer preference for clean, organic, and plant-based ingredients.
  14. Grapefruit – Explore the versatility of grapefruit flavor, from traditional uses to innovative applications that are transforming the culinary landscape.
  15. Raspberry – Savvy food scientists pick the tart and tangy raspberry when they need to turn the flavor up a notch. Learn why (and how) on the Blue Pacific Flavors blog!
  16. Key Lime – Key lime flavor is a zesty gem, infusing a refreshing and complex taste into a wide array of culinary creations. Join us as we unravel the layers of this unique flavor, its intriguing origins, and its versatile applications in the food and beverage universe.
  17. Pineapple – Pineapple is not just a flavor, it’s an experience, a little tropical getaway in every bite or sip. Take a trip with us to explore the origin of pineapple and new ways to use it in your food and beverage products!
  18. Green Tea – Increased demand for green tea reflects the refined palate of modern consumers and their growing preference for health-focused drinks. Steep yourself in the vibrant world of green tea flavors, where traditional taste meets innovative beverage concepts! 
  19. Peach – With its delightful balance of creamy sweetness and fragrant fruitiness, natural and organic peach flavor brings a charming, heritage touch to a variety of sweet and savory products. Join us as we explore the history of peaches and innovative uses for peach flavor!
  20. Guava – From organic beverages to guilt-free desserts, the guava is making its mark! Read on to discover exciting ways you can innovate with this versatile fruit flavor.
  21. Pumpkin Spice – Learn why pumpkin spice continues to be an autumnal favorite and a perennial hit.
  22. Chocolate – From the deep, earthy notes of dark chocolate to the sweet, milky decadence of white chocolate, the possibilities for chocolate innovation are unlimited. Join us as we unwrap the history, mystery, and irresistibility of one of our favorite natural flavors: chocolate!
  23. Strawberry – Discover the versatile charm of strawberry as it maintains its position as a beloved classic.
  24. Persimmon – Add an unexpected twist to your portfolio with the honeyed, spicy succulence of persimmon flavor!
  25. Pomegranate – Natural pomegranate flavor has the unique trait of being both bold and blendable, making it a popular choice for various food and beverage applications.
  26. Ginger – From healthy beverages to decadent desserts, innovative uses for ginger flavor are redefining the food and beverage industry. Get inspired like never before by this curious root with the fascinating flavor!
  27. Hibiscus – Hibiscus is one of the oldest (and now – trendiest!) beverage flavors. Learn how to integrate this colorful flower with the tangy punch into your next formulation.
  28. Orange – Orange’s refreshing sweetness and uplifting aromatics have made it a popular flavor in food and beverage applications for decades. How do you take a classic flavor like orange and craft exciting taste experiences for a new generation?
  29. Cinnamon – Cinnamon has been indispensable in food and beverage applications for countless generations, and is a mainstay in many comfort food flavor blends. With its natural appeal and versatile flavor profile, cinnamon flavor deserves a deeper look.
  30. Vanilla – Revisit the classic vanilla, understanding its complexities and quintessential role in flavor science.

Get inspired as you journey through each blog, savoring the depth and breadth of our flavor stories – all designed to spark innovation in your next food or beverage project.

30 Flavors

Innovative with Confidence

Our array of flavors, backed by scientific ingenuity and creative exploration, is more than just a benchmark for quality. It’s a testament to the experience we’ve crafted for those who demand nothing but the best from their flavors and ingredients.


We invite you to tap into our expertise and request a sample of our natural and organic flavors. Or better yet, get in touch with one of our product development specialists for expert solutions for your toughest beverage challenges.

Join in on our story that’s flavored with joy, sprinkled with science, and blended with the desire to offer nothing but excellence. Here’s to another 30 years of innovative, authentic, and farm-to-flavor creations!

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Try this refreshing juniper and citrus gin flavor in your next nonalcoholic beverage application.  It makes a great alcohol-free Gin & Tonic, Gimlet, or Tom Collins!

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With warm notes of agave, hardwood, and wildflower honey, our natural tequila flavor can be used in applications where gold or reposado tequila is required.  It’s the perfect flavor for a nonalcoholic Margarita, Paloma, Tequila Sunrise, or Mexican Mule.

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With notes of rich caramel, dried fruit, and brown spice, our natural spiced rum flavor captures the best of Barbados.  The perfect choice for creating a nonalcoholic Mai Tai, Daquiri, Hurricane, or Mojito – or managing the freeze point for Rum Raisin ice cream.

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Our natural vermouth flavor is bursting with layered cherry and wine flavor.  Pair it with our natural Bourbon flavor to craft the ultimate nonalcoholic Manhattan cocktail, or our natural gin flavor to make an alcohol-free Negroni.

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Our natural rosé flavor helps consumers drink pink, without the alcohol!  With notes of ripe strawberry and wine, it’s a sophisticated choice for the best beverage, confectionary, frozen dessert, and sweet sauce applications.

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Dry and crisp with just the right balance of fruit and toast, our natural champagne flavor adds sparkle to a variety of applications.  Try it in everything from nonalcoholic Mimosas to gummy candies and sweet tea – even cakes and ice cream!

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Bold and smoky with notes of molasses and vanilla, our natural bourbon whiskey flavor takes you deep into the mountains of Tennessee.  Don’t make a nonalcoholic Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Mint Julep without it!

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With just the right balance of caramel malt and hop notes, our natural beer flavor captures the essence of the classic pale ale.  Whether used in a nonalcoholic beverage or specialty cheese dip, beer flavor is sure to deliver!

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