Our Green Conscience

With global warming issues now impacting agro-based fruit processors as well as other crops globally, Blue Pacific Flavors is committed to developing environmentally friendly and sustainable business solutions.

Blue Pacific became the first U.S. flavor house to commit to carbon neutrality by 2015, as the company believes in developing a sustainable business strategy that not only addresses energy consumption, but also focuses on social responsibility alliances with companies like Plant and Food Research, that are developing new technologies to improve fruit and crop yields should the environmental issues further impact global supplies in the next few years. 

A proud endorser and member of WasteWise, a voluntary partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Blue Pacific  recently launched a branded educational campaign for food related companies, entitled Catching The Green Wave™. 

For more information on Blue Pacific’s environmental stewardship program, please visit Catching The Green Wave Website