Mother Nature’s recipe for true-to-fruit flavors
In partnership with Plant & Food Research (formerly HortResearch), Blue Pacific Flavors has launched the next generation of world-class natural fruit flavor and natural fruit-based ingredient technology. The new flavor technology, known as hortRealfruit™ is the product     of  a dynamic collaboration which bridges science and creative flavor development.

Developed from an unprecedented fruit compound database created by Plant & Food Research, hortRealfruit™ is built on a wide range of flavor- and fruit-based technologies.       The natural and nature-identical flavors are developed exclusively by Blue Pacific Flavors      from Plant & Food Research’s proprietary fruit-derived science working off state-of-the-art aroma chemical and solvent extract assay analysis.

Together with a talented team of food scientists and business associates from Plant & Food Research's Food Innovation, Blue Pacific Flavors is able to develop and commercialize new  fruit flavors that are true to the taste of the original whole fruit and Mother Nature's authentic recipe.